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#NEAS or is a website dedicated to spreading the word about local “Car Shows” and “Cruise-Ins” located in the Greater New England Area.

This is an event that used our contact page. Yup, they went to the website and clicked on the contact page, which is used to send an e-mail to me, they told me about their show and even uploaded a flyer. (Yes, you can do that...) I then updated their event on the website. Added their verbiage from their e-mail, swapped out the new flyer, and now their event is current, on the "Big List" and calendar. Is January too early to let me know about your upcoming show? Think Again! These folks contacted me on December 12th...Are you a Showrunner? Use the contact page to let us know about your show.Do you know about a show or event? Use the contact page to let us know about the show. Do you know a club or belong to a club that manages or plans events? Use the contact page to let us know about your event. Are you a promoter or event planner for a car show looking fro an absolutely free way to get the info about your event to the masses? Use the contact page to let us know about your show.In the meantime, the folks who plan and run the Boothe Memorial Park & Museum Antique & Classic Car Show, have gotten their show not only on our web page, but here on the facebook page, and our facebook group, which will also I'm sure, get it on to other facebook Car Show pages, and groups... And that my friends is NEVER a bad thing! The more of us sharing your events the better! It is what social media is about. Check out the below flyer:Check out this event, and many others, on the big list event on the big list, is a hyperlink to the event on the calendar, that has links, contact info, and even a map to the event. the Boothe Memorial Park & Museum Antique & Classic Car Show Calendar event is here: ... See MoreSee Less
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As we close out the year of our lord Two Thousand and Twenty-Three. I wanted to give a bit of an "Update." A mix of a "Confessional" and "Status Report." And If you need to talk? Let me Know...2023 was not good for me; consequently, it was not good for either. Things are better... But certainly not what it once was, which is - both good and bad.Near the end of 2022 and realistically as far back as 2019. I was not happy where I worked for my "Real Job." When COVID hit, things got worse with my Management, and I could not find a way out. Everyone was working from home and I was struggling to do so, and even when I could go home I could not focus on what I needed to unless I was in the office. Some people can work from home easily...I can't... At the end of 2021 I switched career tracks within the same company and while it was better and I certainly had a better Boss, I just still could not find happiness and contentment in my work environment... I had been sending many resumes to "Black Holes" or getting offers for way less money and commutes to the far reaches of Portland Maine to sometimes Providence Rhode Island. Moving is just not an option for me and my family.Thankfully my Wife has a decent Job, and we talked about my "State of Mind" and I began looking at "If I had to commute?" what is the limit... I basically thought "If I had to commute," I would stay in NH... In May, of 2022 after 2 months of interviewing, I landed what I thought was the perfect Job... A brand new Building in the coastal region of NH, a mix of the 2 worlds I was in, of both facilities and IT. The People seemed so awesome... Apparently, that was a front or an act...Don't get me wrong, there are some great people there, but there are also some real 2-faced, individuals who destroyed my state of mind, my perceived integrity, and my confidence... I was struggling to please but when I look back I realize some individuals will not be pleased unless they are in full control of everything to the point that no matter how well you do, it's not good enough because they didn't do the work themselves... In Mid July I walked back to my computer to find myself locked out... I was then escorted around to collect my tools, and I showed them what I had done and they had no clue I had done even more than they realized...I was told I was being let go because I was not a good "Cultural Fit." What's worse is that I was told I had made people uncomfortable. I think those who truly know me know that I am "That Guy" who hates making people uncomfortable, I try to adapt, I try to read the room, and I try to please... Apparently, I did not read the room, I Adpated wrong, and I was not "Pleasing" anyone...Hence, I was fired... I had driven my Corvette to work that day and barely fit my tools, and my work possessions in it... Drove Home, Depressed and alone... Got home parked the Car went in my basement and proceeded to drink myself into oblivion... BTW I have had many friends and family who said how much they love Unemployment... How they had time to do things... I barely had the energy to send resumes out, Any project I attempted crumbled and/or got worse... Maybe it was because I was Fired? The first Friday after, I was excited for a Car Show, surely some Corvette therapy and a Car Show would lift me... Right? Apparently, on my trip home from getting fired, My radiator had blown and been slowly leaking out the bottom getting absorbed into my driveway... I lost it... I would hit social media and get torn to shreds... One person tried and pretty much succeeded in getting under my skin... And I sunk lower and lower... and I could not bring myself to go anywhere... Car Shows reminded me that I had a Car that was dead in my driveway, Camping was just Money flowing out with barely any coming in... I could not Shop, and I could not spend money on projects that failed whenever I tried. It was pretty bad...In late August I had had enough... But had no plan, My wife and I talked and I said "It's not about the money I just need to work..." I need to feel like, well, like I'm contributing... A friend from High School, reached out to look at the State website for a Job and suggested a few... So now - I'm Employed... Starting to feel productive again... I Cannot understand people who enjoy unemployment... It would be one thing if I "Won the Lottery" or had the means to not work and could enjoy doing nothing or not worry about failed projects... If I had millions I could put 100% into, but I cannot... This Upcoming Year I hope to get back into a groove where I can start Focusing on the website again... Tone the ads down a bit, (I know they are annoying but necessary...) (Unfortunately.) Take the Camera out more... Maybe even re-investigate the possibility of a podcast or a YouTube thing... I was having fun doing that with a few other people before the blow-up... 2023 was not a great year... But - Things are looking up... Kinda... Sort off... Depression is a real thing... If you or someone you love suffers, and if you don't get help, at the very least, talk to someone... Find that good friend... That non-judgy friend who can listen but also listen back too... I usually scoff at people who say the words "I'm Blessed." But - I'm truly blessed to have some friends that not only can I talk to, but I can listen to their problems too and WE DO NOT get into a contest about it... We need each other... We don't need to be in a competition on "Who's the most depressed or who's got the shittiest year... I'm getting better...I'm not 100%... But maybe 10% here and there is adding up... Thank You to my friends, and especially, my family for being there for me in 2023... For listening and most especially for their patience with me not showing up sometimes when I need to just "Chillax," or just not laughing at the world as I used to. Let's resolve to go to a few Car Shows, and 4x4 Events, and maybe some Motorcycle Events, in 2024 and swap lies, tell tall tales of our youth and enjoy each other's company... It's what we ALL need in these weird times we live in... Happy New Year to all of you, And please be safe tonight... ... See MoreSee Less
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Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays to All! ... See MoreSee Less
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