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MrJoelieC Launches New Autoshow Website!

Now that I have a car to show. I was getting upset when I would find out about Car Shows and Cruse-Ins a day late and a dollar short. Hence, out of total selfishness, I started as Website that lists all the car shows in a nice Calendar format.

Check it out at:



MrJoelieC Launches new Website for Professionals to Network

Taking a few ideas from a former High School Classmate Joel feels he may have realized the same gap that existed in Detroit is also here in New England. Place and way casually network with other IT and technology professionals with each others like them and recruiters to fill needs in the technology Job Sector. To that NET New England has been launched at:  (more…)


It’s Alive and Live!

The new Web portal for and is now live. My goal was to create a new website that was easy and flexible to update. No more manual HTML editing. That’s so 00’s….

So this is the new site. More pages and stories will be added as I have time. There are links to almost all of my web interests and places that I have a presence at. Feel free to share this cool place and announcement on facebook, or google+, or any of available share buttons I have provided.

Welcome to the new!


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