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It’s Alive and Live!

The new Web portal for and is now live. My goal was to create a new website that was easy and flexible to update. No more manual HTML editing. That’s so 00’s….

So this is the new site. More pages and stories will be added as I have time. There are links to almost all of my web interests and places that I have a presence at. Feel free to share this cool place and announcement on facebook, or google+, or any of available share buttons I have provided.

Welcome to the new!

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#NEAS or is a website dedicated to spreading the word about local “Car Shows” and “Cruise-Ins” located in the Greater New England Area.

Greetings allNEAS is a great proponent of Car Sows and Cruises that serve Great Causes. On this day, put it in your mind, to support Car Shows and Cruises next year that Support our Veterans. Mission 22 Often has many great cruises and is often in support of our Veterans. JAK Kustoms Foundation Is another foundation locally in New England that support our Veterans. There are so many more that support this great cause. Thanks to ALL the great Men and Women of ALL of America's Fighting force who are there for our freedom and the freedom of the many other sovereign nations who remain our allies. Never Forget their sacrifice and dedication...May this Veterans Day Bring Comfort and Peace to each and every one of us... #VeteransDay #veteransupport #veterans ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago
The State of the Website:As fans of the website, I thought maybe I would share a bit of the behind-the-scenes of what I'm teaching myself as part of Analytics and #SEO to make (NEAS) more successful, and remain free to Car Show planners and runners get the word out to their current and future attendees that only relies on current Google #Adsence for revenue and possibly future local discreet #advertising. Well, the "Car Show Season" is coming to a close in New England. The website has endured and grown despite that it fell short of its 2021 Analytics, (Only marginally) 2022 Compared to where we were in 2019, has shown we are definitely still on a consistent growth path. But there is still a lot of work to do. 2019 saw the NEAS website Start Spiking in its normal April - October months when folks come to the page looking for Car Shows on the weekends that we list for free. This trend has held true even in 2022 as you can see on the Attached GraphicOur "User number" almost doubled from 131k to well over 200k this year with that number still climbing till the end of December. That being said, a trend I have noticed that has gone in the bad is both "Bounce rate" and "pages/session" Bounce rates are higher possibly for 2 reasons:Google has ranked the Car List Page higher and it's a newer page that has all the Car Shows on one list... It has a very high landing Rate which means that people have that page favorited and not the home page. and organic search is landing users there directly.However, that being said I would have expected our Pages/session number to stay around 2. It's actually fallen below 2 and that's a bit disappointing but then again this could just all be skewed with the way the number of users has grown. The goals going forward are to drive user rates up and keep those users returning... Create a loyal user base... Carefully crafted articles going forward to retain that loyal user base... And perhaps a video campaign may need to be investigated... I wish I could afford better faster hosting. But - Alas, perhaps a future goal is to investigate not only better hosting and better coding on the website that does not rely so heavily on heavy Java Scripting and payload load times. Thanks to all of my Loyale followers and also if you are new and wondering what the #NEAS website is all about take a look at our FAQ to an even bigger, more varied, and successful 2023 Car Show Season. Keep NEAS in mind when you are looking for a Car Show. And if you run/plan/or know of a Car Show or Cruise, make sure to give us your info so we can add your event to our List and Calendar... #growth #future #analytics #CarShow ... See MoreSee Less
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Not exactly a "Politically Correct" opinion to have but... I cannot deny the sentiment... ... See MoreSee Less
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MrJoelieC Amateur Web Designer

MrJoelieC is an amateur web designer. He uses commercial off the shelf, and Free GNU General Public license, software to make his websites. Using these technologies with his limited grasp of HTML, PHP, and even more amateur use of Paintshop Pro Joel he has created a few websites, not the least of which is: this one – the one you are on now. He can help you a little bit with your web presence. For a price. Check out some of his sites below:

If you’re interested in Web Hosting take a moment to check out the folks at:

 Just click on the above Dreamhost Icon and you will get special pricing from them all just because you know me. Check them out! you wont be disappointed…

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