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MrJoelieC Launches new Website for Professionals to Network

Taking a few ideas from a former High School Classmate Joel feels he may have realized the same gap that existed in Detroit is also here in New England. Place and way casually network with other IT and technology professionals with each others like them and recruiters to fill needs in the technology Job Sector. To that NET New England has been launched at: 

How did this idea come about? Joel Chappell the creator of this page would love to say he came up with this idea all on his own but, the the simple truth is: He stole it from a high school friend who created this concept in Detroit Michigan of all places. Joel has called in a few times to their podcast but has been looking at the concept that his friend Dave and Bob created and said “I just gotta steal this.”

The concept is what Dave Phillips and Bob Waltenspiel created when the same 3 questions above nagged at them over a beer. After a lot of hard work and a a bit of time they created “IT in the D”. “IT in the D” is an IT networking place for IT professionals to network, and get advise, and attend events that help keep IT professionals employed. They started very small meeting at bars/Restaurants and eventually getting broader with recruiters and bigger groups…

Joel is trying to create a similar thing here in New England. He’ll build it slow, get a domain, have a few small meet and greets, possibly trade stories about the IT world over a drink…


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